Music can be more than just listening.

Listening to music is fun.
However, we've always pressed only 'play button'.
Have you ever thought about changing the music to suit your taste?

Music can be more than just listening.

We can only hit the ‘Play’ button to listen to the same music repeatedly.
However, What if we can ‘Play with the music’ to our taste…?

Experience the music as you want!

Experience the music as you want!
Customizable music to your taste.
Adaptable music to your mood.

In Mix.audio, each artist provides a package of music blocks which can be reassembled into various combinations. You can own your creations and utilize them in any social media.
Mix.audio has got you covered without any copyright issues.

Block Music

In Mix.audio, artists provide various music blocks that can be assembled.
You can combine the blocks and listen to music or make your own music.


Mix to Listen

소리의 결에 따라, 여섯 종류로 나누어진 음악 블록을 내 취향에 따라 실시간으로 조합하면서 음악을 감상할 수 있어요.

Mix to Make

한발 더 나가볼까요? 내 취향대로 음악 블록의 구성까지 재조합하고 완전히 새로운 음악을 만들어 NFT로 소유할 수 있어요!


믹스 오디오의 블록 음악은 커뮤니티를 통해 확장됩니다. 내가 좋아하는 아티스트의 블록 음악을 함께 공유하세요!

PlayMix the block packages!
It is you who can be the ultimate creator of the artist’s music.
Unleash your creativity and redefine the boundaries of sound!


Music-making can be fun & easy

In Mix.audio, music is made by recombining it like a Lego block.
Assemble the music with the blocks of my favorite artist or users!

A.I. can help you to create music

It's okay if you don't know much about music!
Ai will recommend music blocks, combine them, and mix them!

Own the copyright of your music

Create, share, invite friends and get credits!
You can own a copyright of the music by credits.
Use it as your own content such as Tik-tok, Instagram, and YouTube!

Explore the diverse lineup of artists on Mix.audio.


믹스 오디오는 아티스트의 ‘블록 음악 팩'을 발매해요. 따라서, 단순히 ‘듣는 경험’으로 음악을 소비하는 것과는 달리,
팩을 통해 음악과 아티스트에게 더욱 깊이 ‘연결 되는 경험’을 할 수 있어요.

Listen only
Mix to Listen

음악을 실시간으로 조합하며 감상

Mix to Make

나만의 음악을 조합하고 소유


팩 아티스트의 커뮤니티 맴버쉽


오리지널 음원 NFT 소유
2차 창작물의 활용 및 NFT 소유


팩 음원을 통한 2차 수익 분배


아티스트가 설정한 추가 혜택

믹스오디오는 아티스트와 리스너가 중심이 되는 건강한 음악 생태계를 지향합니다



음악을 감상
음악을 감상 + 조합, 소유, 수집, 자산화  
양적 팬덤
질적 팬덤
복잡한 유통 구조
단순한 유통 구조
플랫폼 중심
아티스트와 리스너 중심


믹스 오디오에는 2가지 종류의 NFT가 있습니다.
*MixPack에 따라 가격과 발행량은 다양합니다.

Mymix NFT

나만의 음악 NFT를 가질 수 있어요!
MyMix NFT 보유 개수가 많으면 혜택을 받을 수 있어요!
아티스트가 부여하는 특별 혜택을 받을 수 있어요!

MixPack NFT

오리지널 음원 NFT를 가질 수 있어요!
샘플(음악 블록) 사용 권한을 가질 수 있어요!
모든 MyMix NFT 수익의 10%를 나눠 받을 수 있어요!
MyMix NFT를 무료로 민팅할 수 있어요!
MixPack NFT 보유 개수가 많으면 혜택을 받을 수 있어요!
아티스트가 부여하는 특별 혜택을 받을 수 있어요!



- 리스너의 참여로 완성되는 완전히 새로운 형태의 블록 뮤직 팩을 발매하세요.

- 블록 뮤직 팩을 통해 당신의 음악적 영감을 공유하세요.

- 여러 플랫폼과 유통사를 거치지 않고 당신의 수익과 팬을 확보하세요.

- 당신의 음악을 직접 조립하는 리스너 팬들과 함께 커뮤니티를 운영하세요.

- 당신의 블록 뮤직 팩 데이터는 블록 뮤직 프로젝트(Block music projects)에 활용되며 또 다른 수익 창출이 가능합니다.


- 누구나 Mix.audio에서 음악을 감상(Mix to listen)하거나 조립(Mix to make) 할 수 있어요

- 당신이 좋아하는 아티스트의 음악을 재조합하여 MyMix NFT로 소유하세요.

- MixPack NFT는 프리미엄 맴버쉽으로, 팩의 오리지널 음원을 NFT로 소유할 수 있습니다.

- MixPack NFT 홀더는 MyMix NFT를 무료로 민팅할 수 있습니다.

- 당신이 구입한 MixPack NFT의 블록 뮤직 팩 데이터는 블록 뮤직 프로젝트(Block music projects)에 활용되며 또 다른 수익 창출이 가능합니다.

블록 음악 데이터 아카이브

블록 음악 기반 A.I. 기술 개발

사용자 맞춤형 블록 음악 서비스


믹스오디오는 출발점입니다.

믹스 오디오는 미래 환경에 최적화 된 새로운 음악 표준을 만들기 위한 연구를 계속 이어가고 있습니다.
우리는 이것을 “블록 뮤직 생태계”라고 이름 지었죠!

May. 2022

- Team building
- Platform Development
- Discord open
- Official website open


- Recruitment of pack artists
- Community Building
- Marketing kick-off


- ‘Mix.audio’ opened
- 1st release of artist pack
- ‘Mix.audio’ launch showcase


- 2nd release of the artist pack
- Announced ‘Block Music 1st Project’
- Project collaboration announcement


- Project collaboration announcement
- 3rd release of the artist pack
- Development of ‘Block Music 1st Project’

Q4. 2022

- Launch of ‘Block Music 1st Project’
- 4th release of the artist pack
- Participated in Hyundai Motor Group Zero One (ZER01NE)
- Participation in IRCAM workshop

*The schedule may be subject to change.

What is the Mix.audio project for?

Music is a powerful experience that brings to life our feelings and emotions in our daily lives. We have a rich musical experience thanks to talented artists. And we pride ourselves on being fans of those artists.

But what if we want more than that? Something in which the artist and the listener is more closely connected and the music is only completed by the listener. Mix.audio does not stop at just listening to music, but also provides a way to transform, share, and communicate music as desired by listeners. Furthermore, we even provide a way to share profits with it!Not only that, Mix.audio contemplates new musical ideas that focus entirely on the listener.

We are looking for various projects to realize this, and our unique music artificial intelligence technology is at the root of these projects. Just imagine! The new music in the metaverse environment will not be a single fixed piece of music, but will be multi-layered music that can be infinitely varied according to the listener's situation and mood!

So what is the Mix.audio project?

Mix.audio acts as a platform to trade music NFTs. However, NFTs are not traded in units of ‘songs’ like other music NFTs, but in units of ‘packs’, which are collections of music blocks.

What is block music?

‘Pack’ NFTs traded on Mix.audio will work based on the ‘Block music ecosystem’. Our artists will design multiple musical 'blocks' that can be easily assembled into a single song, collect them under a certain theme, and release it as a single NFT. Then, listeners who have purchased the NFT will be able to listen to the artist's song in real-time while at the same time assembling music blocks to their liking to complete a custom mix. To put it simply, you can play with music like Lego blocks!

What is the block music ecosystem?

We are designing an ecosystem that blocks music and allows such music to freely combine. Therefore, we would like to present a new music standard that allows listeners to custom combine music blocks or, conversely, automatically combine music blocks with AI according to the listener's situation.  

How to use Mix.audio?

Mix.audio requires minting the artist's music pack NFT. One pack contains music blocks designed by the artist, and contains 4-5 songs (combination according to the artist's intention) made from them. Listeners who have purchased the pack can enjoy the songs composed by the artist through the dedicated Player & Mixer and can mix custom songs by recombining the blocks in the pack.

How does the community work?

In addition, NFTs can acquire membership to participate in the community of pack artists. The community consists of artists and NFT holders. It is freely operated by members, including artists, within the scope allowed by Mix.audio. We can provide guidelines for future operation policies, but basically, various operation methods are oriented according to the nature and personality of individual communities. Mix.audio will host various events and missions that require community unity.

Who made Mix.audio?

Mix.audio is a project of AI music technology startup Neutune. Researchers from KAIST are conducting various research and development of services necessary for the next-generation music experience through world-recognized music AI technology.

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